Master in Visual and Visual Arts from the National University of Colombia. In 2016 she obtained her undergraduate degree in Plastic Arts at the University of Caldas with the presentation of his thesis "Visual Gifts", which was selected in the 2016 thesis Project of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Bogotá. This same year she was selected to exhibit at the 44th National Artists Hall in the city of Pereira. The main axis of her work is to make a permanent assessment of the physical and symbolic status of things. It uses objects that are installed in everyday life and which it strips of its formal or linguistic function, to provide them with their own language. This generates a particular transgression of reality, where mimesis allows us to experience new experiences and situations in which the sensory relationship is altered to offer a new perspective on the weak distinction between true and false. Her work fosters a semantic game between objects, actions and perceptions, emphasizing materiality; That is her pillar of work. To do this, Yepez examines the anthropological aspects around objects and proposes a visual poetry that reminds us that the existence of things is only relevant when we observe them.

Sonnia Yepez

Buga (1992)


Exhibitions at FORO.SPACE