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Nicolás Consuegra, 1976
Bucaramanga, Colombia


His creative practice is closely related to the contexts of production, exhibition and audience. Over the last few years, Nicolás has concentrated his research on the historical and geographical study of site-specific works, as well as on the analysis of space in its physical and social dimension. He has developed sculptural pieces, photographic series, video pieces and large-format installations that investigate the idiosyncrasies of exhibition spaces and the uses that we give to functional and contemplative objects.

Selected group exhibitions
· pasado tiempo futuro. arte en colombia en el siglo xx.  museo de arte moderno de medellín. (col)
· what we know that we don’t know.
kadist art foundation. (usa). 
· delimitar.
biblioteca luis ángel arango, casa republicana. (col)

​Selected solo shows
· tabique. La vitrina, lugar a dudas. (col)
· el espacio del lugar. el lugar del espacio. NC-arte. (col)
· void (in collabotion with mónica páez). magnan emrich contemporary. (usa)
· loosing. pratt institute. (usa)
· en algunos vacíos. site-specific project. museo nacional de colombia

Public collections
· Republic Bank of Colombia (COL)
· The National Gallery of Victoria (ASTL) 
· Kadist (USA-FRA)
· Museum of Modern Art of Medellín MAMM (COL)

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