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Fernando Arias, 1963
Armenia, Colombia

Through video, photography, installation and actions he explores the human condition. Recurring themes include social and environmental issues, conflict, politics, sexuality and religion. In addition to his personal practice, Arias involves other artists and professionals on projects through his foundation Más arte Más acción. Here, Arias devises interdisciplinary projects to explore challenging social and environmental issues. The foundation generates critical thinking through cultural exchanges. 
in 1994, arias received the national art prize in Colombia and since then his work has regularly been exhibited internationally. He represented Colombia at the 48th Venice Biennial in 1999 and in 2022 with Más Arte Más Acción they were invited to participate at DOCUMENTA 15 in Kassel

Selected exhibitions
* Lumbung, DOCUMENTA 15, Más Arte Más Acción, Kassel, 2022
* nada que cesa, museum of modern art, bogotá (col), 2020
curator: eugenio viola (solo show)
* el país de los demás, NC arte, bogotá (col), 2012 (solo show)
* MDE 15, museo de antioquia, medellin (col), 2015
* cantos cuentos colombianos, daros latinamerica, zurich (ch), 2005
* 8th havana biennial, havana (cu), 2003
* 48th venice biennial, representing colombia, venice (it), 1998

Public collections
* National Museum (COL)
* Daros latinamerica, (CH)
* Victoria and Albert museum (UK)
* Modern Art Museum of Bogota (COL)
* Essex University (UK)
* Museum of Contemporary Art of San Diego (USA)
* Vancouver Art Gallery (CAN)
* Bank of the republic of Colombia (COL)
* Sepulkra Museum Kassel (GER)

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