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Cristina Umaña Duran

cristina umaña duran (b. 1993 in bogotá, colombia)
lives and works in bogotá, colombia

cristina works with textiles and drawing. she collects images, uses fabrics for printing, dyeing, sewing, and creating installations. these materials describe situations, bodies and objects that surround the artist in his experience of time and space. she seeks to reflect with humor about grief, death and everyday life: the objects that are used daily, the simplicities, the smells, the silhouettes and the invented names serve her to find the meaning of loss.

the creation of images and the sculptural processes in the workshop allow her to meditate and transform the nature of the obvious, of the things that give pleasure, and of the memories through the reappropriation of everyday objects. everything that seems insignificant becomes the best resource for memory.

the intention is to inhabit and dialogue with the space. in the search to cling to memory and the fear of forgetting, her work is nothing more than a set of fleeting and transitory fragments. as it transforms and transforms it, it changes the material and the space that contains them.


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