Andrés Matías Pinilla (b. 1988 in Bogotá, Colombia)
Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In his work he proposes a holistic vision of human knowledge in recognition of the ethnic, sexual, racial, religious and philosophical plurality of our species. It insists on the imminent decolonization of language and territory as the main path towards a genuinely global, plural and united world. His exhibition projects combine different media and invite the active participation of those who come to experience them. He continually extends an invitation to people from other disciplines to be part of his immersive works and installations, seeking in this way to blur the limits of individual creation and activating hidden powers through the symbiosis of different fields of thought, work and production. He finds in the poetic language possibilities to experiment, fable utopias and tentacular with other artists subversive ways of hacking the hegemonic systems of circulation of contemporary art.

Selected exhibitions

Animal Crackers (solo show)

Monumento de los héroes, Bogotá (COL), 2018

Curator: Halim Badawi

La naturaleza de las cosas: Humboldt idas y venidas,

Museo de Arte Universidad Nacional, Bogotá (COL), 2019

Humboldt Forum, Berlin, (GER), 2019

Works at public collections

National Museum of Colombia (COL)

Museu Rio Grande Do Sul, Portalegre, (BRA)

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Exhibitions at FORO.SPACE

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