Colombian artist with art studies and cultural projects at the Universidad of Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia, and director of Lanzallamas art project in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives and works between Bogotá and Buenos Aires.

Three main interests go through each one of his projects: First: The human and the socio-political condition of the contemporary artist. The situations that from their private life begin to relate to the world, till the making of a public life. Second: The visual production of different historical moments that we understand as high culture and popular culture; how one reads, understands and consumes the other. Third: Within his work is emphatic the use of mathematics and geometry as indispensable tools to abstract and understand the world we have built. Graphics, shapes, sequences, volumes and signs are the language in which images relate nature, science and human beings.

Andrés Matías Pinilla

Bogota (1988)