Pável Aguilar

27.07.2019 - 07.09.2019

FORO.SPACE presents its third individual exhibition of the year entitled PENÚLTIMA PALABRA by PÁVEL AGUILAR (1989, Tegucigalpa)

"The work of the Honduran artist Pavel Aguilar (1989) has opted for the translation or extrapolation of sound and visual images bordering on the object-sensory aspect of artists such as Glenda León (Cuba 1976), Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (Mexico, 1967 ) Oswaldo Maciá (Colombia, 1960) who have been exploring (each in a very unique way) the formal relationships between image and sound. At the same time they display symbolic actions that

bring into play acute tensions that go through the apparent harmony of things...


...A work that invites us to think about the double standards of these silent and complexly structured mechanisms that hide behind integrationist policies that, with their pseudo humanism, on the one hand, feed the rejection of the thriving nationalist movements, and on the other, perfect forms of segregation, violence and expulsion against the most vulnerable inhabitants of the planet: those millions and millions of human beings that do not have voice or vote, not even the penultimate word. " 

Extract from the curatorial text written by Adán Vallecillo.


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Curatorial Text in English 
Texto curatorial en Español