It's okay, we're only human


Jul/20 - Oct/20


"The world is suffocating in the midst of things."

Byung-Chul Han


Unite - Disunite

Hide - Unveil

Microbiome - Genome

We’re only human - Are we only human?


Unite - Disunite

For his first solo exhibition at FORO.SPACE gallery, the artist Iñaki Chávarri has decided to unite two worlds in which we are immersed day by day. On one hand, the physical space of the gallery as a container for the show and, on the other, the virtual space as a showcase and exhibition space. The show results in a hybrid that is more than relevant for the times we are living in.


His site specific (on-site) intervention breaks up the space to propose new physical and poetic encounters. This installation is a large 14 m2 black plastic cube, connected to the outside by the window frames,  which occupies the center of the exhibition room and which we humans can only access through the gallery's website. It is a physical exhibition that we must contemplate through digital media.


Session #02

Iñaki Chavarri ft Laura Zarta 

18th of August, 2020


Session #01

Iñaki Chavarri ft

Jaime Martinez - Director FORO.SPACE

24th of july, 2020