Reyes Santiago Rojas

08.06.2019 - 20.08.2019

FORO.SPACE presents its second individual exhibition of the year entitled GRATIS by REYES SANTIAGO ROJAS (1981, Bogotá)


During his artistic career, Rojas has focused on the concept of archiving and has developed a practical methodology using objects in disuse as carton boxes and other discard elements. These objects have been collected during six years, in which they were organized, studied and classified based on a basic mathematical logical thought. The results are visual compositions that follow a numerical pattern as we see it in the Fibonacci sequence, the Pascal triangle, or the Tesla numbers (3, 6, 9).


Reyes has been interested not only in the new use he gives to these objects, but also in his origins and primary elements, which leads him to a path of re-signification of the collected material, within a social environment. This is the case of the series Greta,where through sculptural works that refer to protest banners allusion is made to processes and universal manifestations about environmental impact.