João Trevisan (BRA)

05.03.2020 - 20.06.2020

FORO.SPACE presents its first individual exhibition in Colombia by JOÃO TREVISAN (1986, Brasilia) titled DA REPETIÇÃO AO SILÊNCIO

In this sense, the writings of the artists themselves have been recovered not only about their works, but also about their aesthetic thinking, with the aim of understanding more broadly the paths they chose to develop their processes. It would be easy to look at João Trevisan's sculpture, painting and wall objects and read them from an evident dialogue with minimalism, including the contours he gained in his Brazilian resonances, between neo-concreteism and post-minimalism in 1990. However, following the Trevisan's work and the development of his process as an artist for a time, it would not be possible to fail to mention the importance of a personal understanding of Buddhism that the artist developed and that directly reports his work, in terms of procedure and process." 

Extract from the curatorial text written by Ana Cândida de Avelar.


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Curatorial Text in English 
Texto curatorial en Español