Fernando Arias

28.03.2019 - 19.05.2019

FORO.SPACE presents its first individual exhibition of the year entitled 0566 by Fernando Arias (1963, Armenia)


Through everyday objects 0566 presents the shocking reality faced by Colombia's social and environmental leaders. 566 social leaders have been killed since the peace agreement with the FARC was signed in 2017. A red LED counter is triggered when someone is killed for defending their community or territory. The number rises and although it might one day stabilise, it will never go down. Presenting this fact is not the purpose of the exhibition. On the contrary, it allows new ways of understanding and representing reality.


"I was in the market watching butchers cut meat on these polyurethane chopping boards. It made me think of people who defend their territories and everyone who wants to live in peace.  The chopping boards were covered in scars. I wanted to erase the stagnant smell of rotting flesh buried deep in the scars, to remove all traces of blood. So I cleaned them again and again, as we do with all our scars in Colombia, to pretend that nothing terrible happens here.


The chopping boards are presented in different forms. Within them the invisible takes shape and their scars are transformed into resistance.